T3 - Tender Tracking Tool
T3 Tender Tracking Tool
Contract & Tender Interpretation Module
Bid Evaluation

Management of the received bids in line with Section 8 and 10 of Procurement Regulations, includes activities such as:

  • Opening of the bids;
  • Evaluation of the bids (section 15 to 20, 6(3) of the Procurement Regulations);
  • Possible negotiation with the bidders ;
  • Procurement Committees (Section 14(1)(2) of Procurement Regulations)


Procurement regulations proposes factors that may be considered by the procurement committee during evaluation:-

  • Eligibility of Supplier
  • Capability to supply;
  • Personnel and competences;
  • Equipment capabilities;
  • Financial position; and
  • Litigation history, Eligibility of Suppliers

Section 34 of the Act provides pre-conditions for eligibility of suppliers in public procurement. These include:-

  • Possession of necessary professional and technical qualifications and competences, equipment, facilities ,financial and human resources required to fulfil contract;
  • Legal capacity to enter into contract;
  • Supplier not insolvent, under liquidation or judicial management or subject to any other legal proceedings;
  • Compliance with tax laws and NSSA remittances;
  • Neither the directors nor officers have been convicted in any country for crimes relating to professional conduct or making false statements to enter into procurement in a period of 10 years preceding the tender;
  • Prior disqualification in any country for the above reasons;
  • Some may be restricted to citizens or residents of Zimbabwe.